Hot Apple Cider

Have you ever made your own apple cider? Maybe from store bought apple juice, but I mean really make it straight from the apple? Why don’t you try today! It is so simple and so delicious! Oh, and everything that is homemade just tastes so much better because of all that hard work you put in to it. But this recipe isn’t really hard work, its really easy! We won’t tell anyone, don’t worry!

Hot apple cider is even better in that cute glass mug, just so you can show off that golden cider color.

Making your own apple cider can be time consuming. It is easiest in a crock pot or an instant pot. Utilizing these two items can reduce amount of time checking a hot stove, and well lets face it, you can leave the house with a crock pot running. An instant pot cuts down cooking time and makes for a quick result.

For this recipe I used an instant pot. If you do not have an instant pot I will post directions for a crock pot and stove top as well.

Apple Cider 1


Apple Cider 3

Apple Cider 4


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